[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Americans drink Bud Light. The Irish drink Guinness. Mexicans reach for Jim Beam’s 100 Años Tequila.

Jim Beam’s challenge? As well known as 100 Años is in Mexico, most Mexicans living in America are unaware that it’s available for sale here in the U.S.

Enter bfw and a carefully constructed national media buy on Fox Sports en Español (FSE) to reestablish the brand in front of the Mexican American audience. Strategically, the campaign was launched in tandem with the World Cup (June 10th-July 7th), which provided outstanding exposure to football fans following Team Mexico’s efforts at a championship (until they were totally robbed by off-sides Argentineans and blind referees*).

For the first half of the flight, bfw chose sports shows that provided the best exposure to Team Mexico football fans. With nearly 200 0:05 tags including lead-ins/outs, lower thirds, snipes, billboard spots and program sponsorships, the campaign featured 3D messages that not only got the brand out there, they did it with clever football-related animation.

See the video clip here.

These tags were the first time FSE featured 3D animation of this nature — and it turned out to be so popular, FSE gave us plenty of bonus spots at no charge. Also, the hosts of sports programs mentioned program sponsorship by 100 Años, even though a paid sponsorship wasn’t even part of the deal! As a result, the 100 Años creative is now being showcased to FSE prospects as an example of how other advertisers can utilize tags to their benefit.

See the video clip here.

Now that the World Cup is over, the second half of the flight is centering around a celebratory message honoring the Mexican Bicentennial on September 16, 2010. The message “Celebrate 200 years with 100 years” is designed to reinforce the family-celebration heritage of the brand. Approximately 300 tags will be airing on FSE from August 15th-September 17th.

*Football commentary provided by bfw’s own Jack Chadam, who actually attended several World Cup games in South Africa and can speak intelligently about international football events. My own World Cup experience begins and ends with drinking in Irish pubs during the 1994 World Cup, during which time I wisely rooted for the Green, White and Orange.


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