The bfw Chillboard, August 2010

The bfw Chillboard, August 2010. As you can see, it was a hot month.

This month we started something new at bfw Advertising. We call it the “Chillboard” (you know, like “chill” + “billboard”).  The Chillboard is a huge white board that we all pass on our way in and out of the office. So we thought it would be a cool place to make a giant group mural.   A collection of doodles and drawings and whatever is on our minds at that particular moment.  At the end of each month (or whenever the board is full), we snap a pic, post it here, share it on Facebook, and send it to Harvard Business School to showcase our groundbreaking ideas.

It’s a fun visual history of our thoughts.   Plus, it gets us doodling—something that’s really important to the creative process.  Doodling before creating advertising is like warming up before you run a marathon, stretching before a set of power cleans, or making popcorn before you sit your ass on the couch.   It gets your brain and body ready for what you’re about to do.  It unclogs your mind.  It helps your ideas flow more freely.  And it’s fun.

So here it is, the inaugural bfw Chillboard, August 2010.  Stay tuned for more weirdness in the months ahead.


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