The holidays are just around the corner and, despite the economy, many Americans will still be traveling. At bfw Advertising, we work with an interesting company that will be making your future flights way more enjoyable—and a lot more entertaining.

The company is called AeroSat. AeroSat designs and manufactures airborne antennas that provide always-on global broadband and television service. The company is truly on the leading edge of in-flight connectivity. They’ve developed an innovative Ku-band antenna system that is emerging as the industry standard. Their systems provide passengers and crew with affordable high-speed wireless Internet, television, cell-phone service and text messaging, whether in flight or at the gate, in every region of the world. Pretty amazing stuff.

Recently, AeroSat executives were making appearances at industry trade events, courting investors and promoting their company to the airline industry. The good news: they were having incredible success. The other news: the company’s main source of information—its website—was out-of-date and poorly organized. AeroSat needed a new site quickly to capitalize on their newly-generated awareness.

bfw got right to work and, in just 30 days, we relaunched the AeroSat brand with a new website. The design gave the brand a modern, polished look to match the strategic direction of the company. The new content provided the AeroSat brand with a distinct voice and incorporated keywords to increase the website’s search engine visibility. In addition, the site was coded for search engine optimization. Check it out when you get a chance at
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