At bfw Advertising, we often incorporate e-blasts into our direct marketing strategies. The most important creative element: the subject line. Why? Because no matter how strong your email mailing list, how great your creative concept or how compelling your offer, none of it matters if your e-blast gets trashed—or worse, banished to the spam filter.

The best way to do that? Avoid words and phrases that look suspicious to savvy readers and spam filters. At bfw Advertising, our senior manager of interactive media Bill Henkel worked with one of our partners to compile a list of 100 words and expressions that no one in their right mind should ever use. Some are pretty obvious, some are pretty surprising. Below you’ll find ten of them. To see the rest, well, you’ll need to become a bfw Advertising client. Interested in becoming one? Well then ACT NOW…because you might be a winner…plus you’ll get FREE v i a g r a as seen on Oprah and the winning numbers to the Nigerian lottery.

Ten Words You Never Should Never Use In An Email Subject Line
1) 100% free
2) 50% off
3) act now
4) any word that relates to sex or porn
5) any word that relates to medication or cures
6) amazing
7) anything that looks like you’re SHOUTING
8) apply now
9) as seen
10) as seen on Oprah

Paul Amelchenko is Creative Director at bfw Advertising in Boca Raton, Florida. bfw Advertising is a full service marketing and communications firm with strong competencies in new media. The South Florida advertising agency creates and builds client brands with strategic thinking and on-target creative executions. For more information call (561) 962-3300 or visit on the web.