Hundreds of years ago a wall was constructed on Manhattan Island to keep Native Americans out. That wall eventually became the namesake for Wall Street at the heart of the New York Stock Exchange, and arguably the greatest financial district in the world. Ironically, many of the descendants of those same Native Americans are now in a position to take advantage of those financial services, but as recently as last year were grossly underrepresented both on the stock room floor and on Wall Street in general.

Well, last month bfw client NativeOne Institutional Trading not only made history, they rewrote it. In recognition of being the first Native American-owned member of the NYSE, NativeOne Institutional Trading stepped right over that wall and rang the closing bell of the NYSE on August 25. (Click here to see the video.) The company was structured to level the financial playing field for all Native Tribes and First Nations while giving back to the Native Community.

NativeOne Institutional Trading rang the NYSE closing bell

NativeOne Institutional Trading rang the NYSE closing bell on August 25, 2011

Not only does NativeOne provide outstanding financial services, the future of Indian Country is of utmost concern to them. They convert a portion of existing portfolio expenses and donate this money to educational funding, scholarships and charities. Their NativeOne Student Outreach Division is designed to educate and inspire the next generation of Native Financial Professionals through internships.

NativeOne outside the NYSE

NativeOne outside the NYSE.


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