To keep our creative team energized and inspired, we get together every other Tuesday morning to do something fun. Usually it’s related to advertising. Other times it’s about creativity in general. Sometimes we just color.

A few weeks ago, we were talking about rules. I had come across a really cool design book with an interesting take on the subject.  (And, for the life of me right now, I can not remember the title, so if you’re reading this and you wrote it, please Tweet me and I will gladly credit you. @paulamelchenko)

Basically, it was this: We live in a world full of rules. As advertising and creative professionals, we spend hours learning them. Layout rules. Grammar rules. Color rules. Then we spend the rest of our lives learning how to break those rules. But along the way, we tend to make up a few rules of our own.

So the author proposed this: create your own rules based on your personal experience. And that’s what we did. We each wrote five. Many of the rules shared a common theme, so we combined them into one. Ultimately, we penned 20 Rules of Creativity. Pete Carrara, our director of design, made them into a poster. We still need to hang them somewhere. They serve as a vibrant reminder that sometimes the rules can set you free.

bfw Advertising "Rules of Creativity" poster

bfw Advertising “Rules of Creativity” poster


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