Bfw has worked with Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms for close to two decades, helping them to streamline the onboarding process for newly acquired companies and drive brand consistency throughout the rollup process.

We’re an engaged partner with our PE clients, who benefit from our short learning curves, our ability to communicate sophisticated ideas to a sophisticated audience and our attentive client services for portfolio companies.

AeroEquity AE Industrial Partners, LLC, is a private investment firm dedicated to helping companies succeed in the ever-changing aerospace,
power generation and specialty industrial markets.

Global Jet Capital Global Jet Capital is a well-capitalized financial services company providing innovative financing solutions for the private aircraft market.

Resolute Industrial Resolute Industrial is the premiere provider of specialized industrial and HVAC solutions in North America.

Gryphon Technologies From digital engineering to predictive analytics, Gryphon Technologies provides a range of innovative and transformative solutions
and services to national security organizations.

Chromalloy Chromalloy partners with original equipment manufacturers, commercial airlines, the military and power companies to deliver
innovative solutions that reduce manufacturing and operating expenses - and extend the life of - gas turbine engines.

Triman Industries With an inventory of over 25,000 different after-market parts, Triman Industries is an important strategic partner to every branch of
the US military across a range of land, sea and air applications.

Belcan Belcan is a global supplier of engineering, technical, and consulting services to customers in the aerospace, industrial, and automotive sectors.

Landmark Aviation Landmark Aviation offers a network of more than 70 Fixed Based Operations in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and is built
around providing pilots and jet owners the very best in business aviation services.