Solution for “The Bidding Strategy Does Not Support Shared Budgets” Issue in Google Ads

If you’re trying to maximize conversions for a Google Ads campaign that is part of a shared budget and get the error “The bidding strategy does not support shared budgets”, don’t worry. You can still optimize for conversions. You just need to create a portfolio bidding strategy. Once you do that, you can make all of the campaigns that are part of that shared budget use the same strategy. Here’s how.

Optimize for Conversions With a Shared Budget

  1. Navigate to one of the campaigns that are part of the shared budget

  2. Click Settings – > Bidding

  3. Click Change bid strategy

  4. Choose Maximize conversions

  5. Click Use a portfolio strategy (in blue)Use a portfolio bid strategy

  6. Click Create new portfolio strategy and name your strategyCreate & Name Portfolio Bid Strategy

  7. Click Save

Repeat this process for all of the campaigns that belong to the shared budget. However, choose the bid strategy that you just made when you add more campaigns to the strategy.

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Portfolio Bid Strategies

You can see which campaigns belong to which portfolio bidding strategy by navigating to Settings – > Bid Strategies.Tools -> Bid Strategies

Next, click the bid strategy that you want to inspect. There, you can see how the bid strategy is performing, and which campaigns belong to it.

Bid Strategy Report

If you are worried about one campaign getting conversions at the expense of the others, consider this: that campaign is getting the most conversions for a reason. There might be a particularly high demand for your services in that area. If you want to maximize your ROI from Google Ads, you want to get as many conversions as possible for your budget.

Remember to Set Up Meaningful Conversions

If you haven’t set up engagement-based conversions on your site (like clicks on links or form submissions) then I highly encourage you do so. It’s easy! Check out our article on how to do that here. If you’re struggling to juggle your shared budgets while still keeping your campaigns optimized and beating the competition, give bfw a call at 561-962-3330. We can help you out!

4 replies on “Solution for “The Bidding Strategy Does Not Support Shared Budgets” Issue in Google Ads

  1. Hi,
    will this portfolio strategy somehow automatically use my shared budget?
    The link between my 3 shared budgets and the portfolio strategy is unclear to me.
    Is the name “Shared Budget Strategy” simply a name? Or is it a keyword meaning that the portfolio will use my shared budget set-up?
    Can you explain please?

    • Hey Marianne,

      “Shared Budget Strategy” is just a name. You can name them however you want so that it’s easier to recognize the campaigns that are contained in the strategy. You could name a portfolio bidding strategy “Bidding strategy for shoes campaigns” or “Bidding strategy for dresses campaigns” and it wouldn’t make a difference.

      A portfolio bidding strategy just lets you specify a group of campaigns that follow the same bidding strategy. So you could put all of these campaigns under the same portfolio bidding strategy. The shared budgets will deplete as normal.

      However, I would recommend creating a portfolio bidding strategy for each of the shared budgets. This will let Google portion them into their own performance buckets so that it can gather data on how each set of shared budgets converts, rather than all under one roof.

      Give each of these portfolio bidding strategies a unique name (like “Portfolio bidding strategy campaigns 1-2”, “Portfolio bidding strategy campaigns 3-4”, and “Portfolio bidding strategy campaigns 5-6”.)

      Each of these bidding strategies will allocate the shared budgets to get the most conversions.

      So ‘Portfolio bidding strategy campaigns 1-2’ will take the budget that you allocated to be shared between campaigns 1 and 2 and use that shared budget to get the most conversions out of campaigns 1 and 2. It’s theoretically possible that campaign 1 will use all of your shared budget under that portfolio bidding strategy (but it’s not likely).

      Did this help at all? If not, feel free to shoot me an email directly at [email protected] or call me at 561-962-3336.

      Good luck!

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