Direct Mail Marketing Examples | Direct Mail Marketing Companies in Boca Raton, Florida

A few examples of Direct Mail Marketing done by bfw Advertising in Boca Raton.

Advantage Platinum BusinessCard + bfw Advertising Create Unique Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Just had a great meeting with a new healthcare client. We were talking about an upcoming direct mail campaign and some interesting ways to reach people and convert them to action. One of my favorite examples is some work we did for the Advanta Platinum BusinessCard.

Advanta is one of America’s largest providers of small business credit cards. They compete with Capital One, American Express, etc. One big difference: Advanta’s entire marketing strategy is focused on direct mail. They came to us looking for new ideas for direct mail with one requirement: if it looks like a typical credit card offer, rip it up and start over. We liked that idea.

Direct Mail Marketing Example – How It Worked for Advanta

We developed the “Classic American Business” campaign around the idea that ‘no matter how unique your business is, we can help you succeed’. The campaign included 8 postcards and a microsite.

On the microsite, visitors can create customized Advanta Platinum BusinessCards and get new business ideas with the ‘idea generator’. The microsite also allowed us to track the number of visitors and how long they were spending on the site.

The campaign received a ton of traffic and visitors were spending close to 4 minutes a visit (a huge amount of time in the web world). The “sticky” gadgets we built were engaging prospects and connecting them with the Advanta brand. It’s always nice when you can create fun, creative work that gets the job done.


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