So it’s been a while since we updated the old bfw Blog. It’s not that there’s nothing to talk about…in fact, it’s actually quite the opposite. We’ve been working our tails off over here (and feeling very fortunate to be able to say that these days). Couple new websites going live soon. New advertising campaigns launching shortly. Tradeshow booth designs appearing in Cologne, Germany, Bangkok, Thailand, Orlando and Vegas. Our creative director (hey wait, that’s me) even churned out a new book: Children’s Letters to Dog. More to come on all this stuff soon…stay tuned…or, better yet,give us a call and we’ll tell you about it.


Paul Amelchenko is Creative Director at bfw Advertising in Boca Raton, Florida. bfw Advertising is a full service marketing and communications firm with strong competencies in new media. The South Florida advertising agency creates and builds client brands with strategic thinking and on-target creative executions. For more information call (561) 962-3300 or visit on the web.