[vc_row max_width=”750″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Beginning today, our client Agilysys is hosting a compelling series of webinars to showcase their hotel software solutions. Their audience: general managers and finance directors of chic hotels in NYC, downtown LA and other top metros. These people are successful, stylish and fully equipped with iPhones, Blackberry devices and Droids.

To connect with this group and drive traffic to the webinars, we wanted to do something different than the usual direct mail campaign. So we started thinking about the webinars, which are literally “demonstrating” something. That led us to the word “exhibition”, then “exhibit”, which made us think of art and art shows and all the cool, modern art in these fashionable hotels. Then Eureka!

The art of success.

To generate traffic, we sent a large framable print by a popular contemporary artist to 5,000 members of our target audience. It’s tagged with the theme “The Art of Success”, which communicates the true, shared benefit of all Agilysys solutions—they help your hotel succeed. At the bottom, the poster lists the webinar topics, dates and times.

The Art of Success Poster

The “Art of Success” Poster was mailed to 5,000 hotel executives

The piece is actually cool enough to hang in your office, which gives it added shelf life. And the artwork carries the “subtle elegant” feel of all of our Agilysys branding work.

Art of Success QR CodeThe call to action, includes a Microsoft Tag™ QR code. Recipients with a smart phone can simply scan the QR code (that’s short for ‘quick read’ code) using the free Microsoft Tag Reader app. Or they can visit a dedicated URL on their desktop computer. In both cases, they’re redirected to a registration page set up by Agilysys.

It’s a sophisticated, fresh take on the classic “direct mail” piece. More creative. More fun and more interactive. But still with all the trackable results and accountability you expect from direct.

So if you’re in the hospitality biz—or somebody who’s just interested in seeing the latest, greatest in hotel technology—sign up for one of the webinars. It’s easy…just scan the code.

Paul Amelchenko is Creative Director at bfw Advertising in Boca Raton, Florida. bfw Advertising is a full service marketing and communications firm with strong competencies in new media. The South Florida advertising agency creates and builds client brands with strategic thinking and on-target creative executions. For more information call (561) 962-3300 or visit www.gobfw.com on the web.