Your customers are waiting for your sales pitch with baited breath.

You don’t need to make creative advertising to promote your brand. Business owners, purchasing managers, and department heads will always make time for you. In fact, several minutes of their workday is set aside to hear about your products, services, and news announcements. Not your competitors. Only you.

B2B South Florida Advertising AgencyYour customers think like robots.

The professionals that make up your target audience are devoid of humanity from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday. They do not show emotion, laugh, or enjoy interesting things. They are only persuaded by straightforward declarative sentences. Preferably in the form of bullet points.

You don’t need to create a brand.

You’re not selling soda pop – you’re making products for a specialized group of buyers. You’ll grow your company without any attempt to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You already have a website and a logo.

You already have your marketing needs covered. Website? Product shots? Logo? Check. Mission statement? Heartfelt holiday message at the end of the year? Taken care of. What else do you need?

Your products are so awesome, they sell themselves.

With a mere glance at your product, its excellence is self-evident. Not only is it obvious how your brand stands out from the competition, its detailed features are intuitive.

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You won’t let those wacky advertising agencies bamboozle you.

What do “mad men” know about selling your product? They’re frustrated screenwriters and artistes who only want to impress their fellow screenwriters and artistes. They don’t understand what makes your customers tick.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Compelling B2B Advertising

Your audience is busy.

You understand that the decision makers you need to reach have many responsibilities on their shoulders. Very little of their time is spent web surfing, reading promotional emails, or looking through trade pubs. You and all your competitors want to be the center of attention in that time frame. So, you know you need to be compelling and persuasive. Fast.

Your customers want to know how you think.

Scientists, engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, and executives have views on their profession and the industries they work in. Finding a company that reflects their vision is an important factor when they’re considering a big purchase. The aesthetics and message of your advertising show customers what you’re all about.

You want to stay top of mind to the right audience.

Most business-to-business brands are not household names. Nor are they likely to have cultural cache outside of the industries they serve. You want your advertising to reach the right people, make an impact, and inspire further investigation. That way, you’re top of mind when a customer decides to make a purchasing decision.

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B2B Advertising Information | South Florida B2B Advertising Agenecy | bfw AdvertisingYour product is something new and innovative.

Whether you’re a new company or an established brand, introductions are a crucial time. You’ve invested a lot of money into your new offering, and you want to start profiting from it as soon as possible. A compelling ad campaign tells customers why they should want your new product – now!

You have a story to tell.

There’s something special about your brand that isn’t evident on first glance. Your compelling advertising inspires people to learn more about you.

Your customers expect the best.

You’re not the lowest-cost provider, and you don’t want to be. You have to be on your “A” game to attract and keep customers. Your product lines and customer service surpass expectations – and your advertising reflects that. Careful cultivation of your brand elevates it, which helps justify the higher price point.

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